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For half a century the Greek Island of Mykonos has been a Mecca for tourists and adventure seekers. It has been visited by just about every celebrity, sports figure, political leader, archaeologist, professor, college student, house-wife, fashion model, writer, musician, famous chef, architect and designer in the world and it is not an exaggeration to say there is something on Mykonos for everybody. Great beaches, fine restaurants, beautiful hotels and villas, amazing bars and clubs and the widest assortment of people that you will find anywhere. Mykonos is fun for everyone. Also visit with daily available trips, the ancient island of Delos.

Delos is an island in the center of the Cyclades islands, in the Aegean Sea. Delos had two major claims to fame in what is commonly known about the history of ancient Greece. It was the birthplace of the Greek gods Apollo and Artemis and it was the place after which the Delian League was named. The treasury for the Delian league was kept at Delos (until 452 B.C., when Pericles moved the treasury to Athens).Delos had commercial importance for both the Greeks and Romans as a trading port.

Ferry trip is about 6 hours from Pireaus to Mykonos and five from Rafina. Catamarans and Dolphins do it in half the time. Easy connections to Syros, Tinos with several ferries a day. Daily connections to Paros, Naxos, Ios, Santorini, Andros and other islands during the summer. Also less frequent connections to Sifnos, Samos, Ikaria, the Dodecanese, Crete and Thessaloniki.

There is also an international airport.


Kiki's on Agios Sostis beach
The Scene:

There’s no phone and you’ll need a car and some patience to find it from town, but Kiki’s is one of the most famous eateries on Mykonos located in Agios Sostis Beach along the North of the island. In a less traveled part of the island, this acclaimed seafood eatery offers legendary lunch service of seafood dishes often caught on the same morning they are served. The simple rustic space is no more than a communal kitchen with covered outdoor terrace surrounded in white plaster walls and thatch roof.

The Food:

While Kiki herself has long left the restaurant to her trusted managers and chefs to return to her native Sweden, a menu of incredibly high-standards still prevails for the all-day lunch service. Fresh salads are a tough thing to come by on Mykonos as almost no farming exists on the island, except for a few locally sourced gardens that provide buttered lettuces and fresh tomatoes for classic Greek salads topped with giant olives and fresh feta. Seafood dishes come close to perfection for wood-grilled specialties like octopus, calamari and swordfish in addition to traditional meat and chicken dishes.

Nammos on Psarou beach
The Scene:

If you ask anyone in town what the hottest restaurant is around, they'll undoubtedly reply Nammos. It's the trendiest beach restaurant in Mykonos, located down a windy and dusty road on the edge of popular Psarou Beach. The restaurant is divided between a formal dining area, lounge with bar, and beach club. Cane-wrapped sunshades dot the adjacent beach, serviced by bronzed waitresses working the hundred-or-so sun loungers filled with hungry tanning vacationers. The open-air restaurant offers a whimsical design of crisp white tablecloths accented by floral porcelain and over sized wine goblets. The crowd varies between fashionable locals in the off-season to August always-hot glitterati scene.

The Food:

There is nothing quite like a late beach club feast after hours of intense tanning and beach frolicking. Mostly known for its bustling dinner scene, we actually prefer this restaurant by day with its sparse lunch crowd and casual approach to Greek cuisine. Meals begin with a generous presentation of homemade breads and hummus, followed by golden-fried calamari or crisp house salads. Main entrees include numerous pasta and raviolis dishes with Greek twists like caper and sun-dried tomato sauces. An in-house barbecue specializes in mixed grill presentations of beef and fresh fish.

Matsuhisa at the Belveder hotel
The Scene:

With no shortage of starry Nobu eateries located at posh resort locations from St. Barts to the Hamtpons, Mykonos is home to one of the only spin-off Matsuhisa locations from a sushi empire that began in Los Angeles. Located poolside in a fully outdoor space inside the Belvedere Mykonos, Matsuhisa is arranged within a sexy terrace of banquettes and canvas-covered director’s chairs just off the main lobby. Those that prefer a more traditional experience find an omakase bar offering full-on chef experience as well as the Nobu-managed Sunset Bar with cocktails by sexy Greek mythologists and bento-box appetizers.

The Food:

Nobu appetizers include cold options of Toro tartare with caviar, classic ceviche and octopus salad that takes on an Aegean twist. Hotter starters like rock shrimp tempura with ponzu sauce, spicy garlic shrimp and daily lobster special bring signature Nobu flavors found at other global locations. Mains include assortment of sashimi and sushi as well as cut roll specials like the Oshinko or Kappa rolls as well as selection of grilled skewers and miso seafood dishes.

Katrin's in Hora
The Scene:

Even if you asked for directions in advance, the labyrinth-like interior streets of Mykonos will inevitably have you asking again. Luckily, every local knows the famous dining institution named after the feisty septuagenarian-chef. A beautiful boutique-style location on a narrow walking street is lined with whitewash tables and large picture windows looking into the legendary restaurant. With no more than ten inside tables, guests vie for the best positioning under an exaggerated ceiling and homey-décor.

The Food:

It’s still a family operation, even though the longtime matriarch chef has lured new help inside the kitchen. The staff clusters around a rear bar area and staging area for field salads and savory antipasti platters. Not known for their fresh vegetables, this is one of Mykonos’ few restaurants with a worthy array of fresh produce and select salads. A lengthy appetizer menu includes salmon arrangements, incredible garlic-braised mushrooms and traditional Greek hummus platters. Daily fish catches are better in the early season (May and June) as later summer is better for prime cuts of beef and lamb served family style on large wooden trays. Dessert is a selection of homemade cakes and tortes including warm apple tarte and walnut crumble.

Adva on Panormos beach
The Scene:

Panormos, one of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos island, is delighted to welcome the new hot Adva bar and restaurant to its shores.
Start your day enjoying the golden sand beach of Panormos sipping coffee, or choosing a cocktail from the great variety on offer, before a sumptuous lunch on the coastline.

The Food:

Adva is always ready to satisfy your taste buds with a great variety of starters, snacks and delicious main dishes based on the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine - the summer tunes and the carefree mood are in perfect harmony with the landscape.
Adva's playground for children is fully equipped and ready to welcome children's laughter; 'kids hour' will leave you time to take the children whilst you hide and enjoy the sea and relax on the sand.

Clubs to visit:
  • Astra
  • Joy
  • Caprice
  • Nammos


Santorini is the last of the Cyclades islands to the South. The closests islands are Ios, Folegandros, Sikinos to the North, Anafi and Amorgos to the East and Crete to the South.

We refer to it as one, but actually it is a complex of five islands. Santorini (Thira) is the main island and around it Thirasia and Aspronisi (parts of the ancient Stroggili) and the two volcanic islands Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni.

It was one island named Stroggili (circle in Greek) until about 1645 BC, when the volcano in the middle of the island erupted and Caldera was created. The two volcanic islands appeared much later from various eruptions starting from 157 BC until the last one in the 20th century (1950).

Many reasons made this island famous worldwide and more or less we all have seen a picture of it (it was that picture the travel agency used for Greece). There is a talk about the connection between Thira and mythical Atlantis. Also Jules Verne made Santorini famous with its books "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" and "The mysterious island" where captain Nemo and his crew watch the volcano eruption. He was one of the visitors and scientists that came to Thira during the eruptions of 1866 - 1870 and wrote the well known book just after it. It is really the mysterious island, the volcano rules, the caldera view is the most breathtaking one on the planet!

If you are after the caldera view have a look at Fira, Oia, Imerovigli, Firostefani, Megalochori and Akrotiri.

For the best beaches check Perissa, Kamari, Perivolos, Vlihada and Red beach.

The unique caldera, the energy and the beauty of the island are the most important reasons for being ranked as the top island in Europe and one of the once in a life time must see destinations of the world.

If you want to know how to reach it, Santorini is connected to Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Crete, Rhodes, Kos and all the major Cyclades islands (Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Sifnos, Milos, Tinos, Syros) by boat and Athens and many countries direct by plane.

Raki, a traditional Restaurant in Santorini, Megalochori

This traditional Santorini tavern situated in the square of Megalochori is just steps away from any of the villas in Megalochori. An authentic Santorini restaurant, in all senses of the word, it gives you the feeling of what Santorini taverns must have been like many years ago.

The tables of this authentic Santorini tavern are located in a yard overlooking the main square of Megalochori. As with traditional Santorini taverns, the tables sit under the cooling shade of charming colorful pergolas. Superbly presented, authentic Greek recipes from all over Greece, in addition to Santorini restaurant and Santorini tavern specialties, are prepared with the freshest, seasonally abundant ingredients from local markets.

Considered amongst the most authentic of tavernas in Santorini, "Raki" is almost akin to having your very own Santorini restaurant as it serves the villas for meals with a delivery service if requested.

Catina in Ammoudia

Fresh fish, grilled by the sea -- what more could one ask for?

Castro in ia,

Castro Restaurant is opened for the first time 18 years ago, offering Mediterranean cuisine.......
Every day hundreds of visitors come here to watch the world famous sunset of Santorini.
Here you can enjoy the beautiful sunset with a glass of wine and the delicious dishes that they prepare every day for you..

Clubs to visit:
  • Tango in Thyra
  • Enigma in Thyra
  • Casablanca in Thyra


The island of Corfu in the northwestern corner of Greece is among the greenest and in the eyes of many, among the most beautiful island in the country. With more rainfall than any other Greek island, there is a variety and abundance of plant life like few other places in Greece. Corfu lies only a few hours by ferry from Brindisi or Bari in Italy (rather longer from Ancona or Venice), and for many tourists it’s the first – or even only – part of Greece they see.

Some of the most amazing beaches in the Mediterranean are on Corfu, and while tourism has completely taken over most of the coastal areas, many inland villages are surprisingly unspoiled. On the eastern side of the island, facing Albania and Greek Epiros, the land slopes gently to the sea, though most coves and beaches are short and pebbly. But the western side is much steeper and more dramatic, with many coastal cliffs ending in secluded bays or more open, sandy stretches lapped (or not infrequently, lashed) by the Ionian Sea. Off the far northwest tip are three inhabited satellite islets, again with excellent sandy beaches.

Corfu are hilly, with a summit in 914-meter Mt Pandokrátor, but south of the secondary peak of Ágii Dékka the landscape is much flatter. Cooler than most islands in the summer (though often tryingly humid), Corfu is a nice choice for people who are afraid they may not be able to handle the heat of southern Greece. It is also one of the most popular islands in Greece, and you will share it with lots of other people from mid-June to early September. But if you like people then you will find them in some of the most beautiful resorts and hotels in Greece. Corfu's six-month olive season is the longest of any island in Greece and lush vineyards cover the island. They also grow many other fruits and vegetables because of its climate and extremely fertile soil. Those of you who have read Homer will remember that this was his last stop before getting back to Ithaka a couple hundred miles south, and he could not wait to get home. But for some people Corfu is heaven.

Boulis Taverna
The Scene:

Taverna Boulis has been selected by as one of the best restaurants in Corfu island where to taste traditional Greek food and local specialties.
Boulis restaurant is placed in the heart of Lakones, a small and charming village just above Paleokastritsa.
From Paleokastritsa you have to take the road that goes up to Lakones and you’ll find Boulis Greek tavern just after the traffic light on your left hand.
Taverna Boulis, like almost every houses in Lakones, offers a really stunning view over the beaches of Paleokastritsa and the blue Ionian sea.
Having a dinner at Boulis you will also enjoy the warm hospitality of a special Greek family.

The Food:

At Boulis taverna you can start your lunch or dinner with a large selection of home- made appetizers.
You can taste fried zucchini balls, feta cheese baked into the oven, octopus cooked in vinegar or green peppers stuffed with cheese and local herbs and then baked in the oven.
As a main course you can choose between the most famous dishes of the Greek cuisine or some traditional recipes of Corfu Island.

La cucina

Are you a fan of the authentic flavors of Italian style and cuisine ?
The La Cucina is undoubtedly the most successful option for those who want to combine style, atmosphere and authentic flavors.
Pizza Delizia, salad and pasta Miramare Exotica are some of the dishes that we must certainly not be missing from your table and will surely take you taste in the neighboring country.
Highlight? The wine list with 100 + labels!

Istioploikos Restaurant
The Scene:

The restaurant of the Corfu Sailing Club is located inside the old fortress and has been operating since 2004. Over these years, it has established itself among the top choices of both locals and visitors to the island.
Mediterranean and Greek dishes, seafood and fresh fish combined with an amazing location indisputably constitute an exceptional proposal for a meal.
The tranquility of the sea, the historic nature of the site, and the view of the old city fit together with comfortable and friendly service. The dining room is finely decorated in a simultaneously maritime and cosmopolitan environment. The Sailing Club restaurant offers unique moments throughout the day.

The Food:

Mediterranean and Greek dishes, seafood and fresh fish combined with an amazing location indisputably constitute an exceptional proposal for a meal.
Classical dishes meet new creations inspired by Mediterranean and Greek cuisine made from fresh selected ingredients. Harmonious dishes, adjusted to the requirements of the site, with a menu full of flavors that you will certainly want to try again.

Maistro Restaurant

A beach front restaurant with food that is described as excellent. This high quality restaurant provides a range of fresh fish and seafood as well as some of the famous specialties including lamb "kleftiko" and pork "gadini" all cooked in a traditional Greek- way. The staff work to provide an enjoyable experience for the customers and create a nice ambiance.
There are various evenings for the fish lovers to enjoy a barbeque with their favorite fish and seafood dishes.

Clubs to visit:
  • Orpheus bar restaurant
  • Kavos Summer club
  • Edem Beach Bar
  • SOS nightclub


The Greek island of Paros Greece is one of the most popular and touristy Greek islands. Paros is located in the heart of the Cyclades, in the Aegean sea, in front of Naxos and near Mykonos. It is a popular island and the reasons are obvious: exquisite sandy beaches in crystal waters, Parian traditional villages with white washed cubic houses in narrow paved alleys contrasted with the many colorful bougainvilleas, lovely chapels, an exciting nightlife…

Paros Island was known in antiquity for its fine marble. The main town is Parikia. The most cosmopolitan area of the island is Naoussa. Paros is also famous all over the world for it's ideal weather conditions for wind surfing. It's an island that can offer everything.

Thea Restaurant
The Scene:

Thea is situated by the sea, at the little port of Pounta, facing Antiparos, in the old wine-press building which was reconstructed and redecorated in 2000. THEA is the most famous restaurant in Paros not only for its gourmet cuisine, its exceptional sea view but also for its wine cellar, with more than 460 wine labels, covering almost the complete vineyard map of Greece, with an exceptional range of varieties and production years. All sorts of wines are kept in its cellar for aging: well-known wines, best-sellers, but also rare and precious ones, not easily found in restaurants.

The Food:

THEA has been introducing the invaluable gastronomic inheritance passed from generation to generation; old family recipes all the way from the Greek East – enticing fragrances, oriental spices, dishes cooked traditionally using only the purest and freshest ingredients.

The Scene:

Naousa, once a small fishing village transformed to a hip, cosmopolitan hotspot. With its new marina, Naousa is visited by local and international celebrities and entrepreneurs. In the picturesque port of Naousa, in front of the medieval wall that once protected the port form pirates, you will find Barbarossa. A stylish, all white fish restaurant, with exceptional view and service

The Food:

With a long tradition of serving tasty Greek food since the 60s, this restaurant has become a popular eatery among locals and tourists. What started as a simple ouzeri offering ouzo and tasty sea food, the Barbarossa has grown into a reputed eatery. Barbarossa offers exceptional fresh fish and local delicacies such as "gouna" (dried and then grilled mackerel) and sun dried octopus as well as modern Mediterranean cuisine. In this menu, you will also find eastern - flavors and a large selection of Parian wines.

The scene:

Located at the opposite side from Barbarrosa, also in the heart of the Naousa port, Mario's is the hippest restaurant in Paros. You will be eating next to famous actors, journalists and singers as everyone wants to be seen in Mario's. Situated in the heart of the port, you will be seeing and be seen by everybody who passes by.

The food:

Good food is enhanced here by the pretty location, a few feet from the fishing boats. Mario's specializes in fresh fish (from the fisherman a few feet away), and also fine cuisine. Such starters as tuna carpaccio with aromatic oil and smoked salt, and grilled octopus with bucovo and caper sauce segue to complex entrées like seafood pasta with diced asparagus and saffron, or fresh fish baked in a salt crust.

Clubs to visit:
  • Punda Beach club
  • Nostos club
  • Vareladiko Club
  • W Club


The Greek island of Antiparos Greece is a small island of the Cyclades located just next to Paros Island. This island is a nice destination for holiday or for a day excursion from Paros. It is a small island of the Aegean with 57 km seashore. It has a charming village (Kastro) where most activities are concentrated and also many beaches. The island was mostly known for a stalactite cave and in the 1980s for the "Rock and Roll" lifestyle of the tourists.

This cave keeps its stalactites and stalagmites, although during the war that took place from 1700 to 1774, Russian soldiers cut many of them in order to keep them as souvenirs, the same as the Italian soldiers during the 2nd World War. The cave also has some inscriptions, among which some names that can still be discerned.

Antiparos has also many artistic and cultural events that include exhibitions, plays, literary readings, dance performances, and concerts

There are interesting seminars and art lessons available during the whole year as well. Regarding the celebrations, the island observes many festivals; on May 7th, June 23rd and 24th, and September 7th among others.

When it comes to night-life, there is a good number of bars, restaurants and taverns –there is even a pizzeria- as well as several clubs and an open-air cinema.

In fact, Antiparos is also very visited because of its lively night entertainment.

However, those who prefer some low-key activities can also find their place among the variety of the mentioned locations, as well as under the moon, near the beachfront, where tranquil strolls can be enjoyed.

Captain Pipinos

Excellent Taverna in a wonderful position, overlooking a lovely bay. If you want to taste traditional Greek food and fresh fish right on the beach, you must visit Captain Pipinos. Situated in St Giorgios bay, it is definetely worth the 10 min drive from the harbour.

Lolo's Pizzeria

Famous in all of Greece, and inspired by thei ancient tradition of Rome, the chef's birthplace, customers can taste the oval shaped 'Gods' Pinsa' baked in wood burning oven.


Kefalonia is the largest island in the Ionian Sea. It has an area of ​​781.5 square kilometers and the population at last census was around 40,000 residents.

According to tradition the name derives from the first inhabitants on the island, the mythical hero Cephalus. It is believed that Kefalonia was created during a major earthquake, something that probably occurred as it is located right on a major seismic fault in the Ionian Sea.

Kefalonia is widely referred into the ancient transcripts saved and recovered nowadays, while Homer's Ithaca is well known throughout the world through the famous Homer’s epics, which widely have been studied.

Historically, alongside with the Greek civilization and the spirit that prevailed in the following century, Kefalonia managed to create and retain its unique and specific local character. The strategic location of Kefalonia within the Mediterranean Sea helped the trading expansion. Because of all those unique characteristics, Kefalonia managed to have prosperity, progress and healthiness, as well as cultural blossoming.

Kefalonia is called the "island of bizarre" because of the number of unusual phenomena recorded on the island, and the “peculiar” (in a good way) behavior of its inhabitants. The coastline and its length of 254 km, reveals a rich horizontal division. Strips of land protruding into the sea, forming the peninsulas of Paliki in the west and Erisou in the north. The sea also forms many broad coves and bays. The main ports are the port Sami, which is opposite Ithaka, the port of Poros located at southeast of Sami and the port of Argostoli to the west of the island, which was a natural strategic naval base in the ancient times. The bays of Myrtos and Athera in the north and the bays of Lourda and Katelios in the south boast charming beaches attract many visitors each year. The geological phenomena of Kefalonia are the so called Katavothres (water sinks), the Drogarati cave and the cave lake of Melisani.

The island boasts many attractions, ranging from the natural landscape and beaches and ending at the great creations of those who passed through Kefalonia during the centuries. The most important are the Castle of St. George, the cave-lake of Melisani, the Drogarati cave with its stalagmites and stalactites, the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli, the monastery of St. Gerasimos, the beaches of Myrtos, Antisamos, Xi, Lourdas and many more that can be seen on Attractions and Beaches section of this guide.


Located right on the beach of Katelios, on the southern side of Kefalonia, Captain Jerry Fish Taverna serves delicious recipes of fresh fish and seafood. With authentic Greek recipes, many local dishes on offer and good service, this restaurant gives nice view to the sea. As it is found only a walking distance from the beach, it is very suitable for a meal after swimming. There are tables both inside and outside the restaurant.


Mixed shellfish marinated and cooked in sensational sauces.
Homemade fish soup.
Rabbit in red wine sauce.
Seafood spaghetti
Cod pie Mezes
Prawn pilau with a rich tomato sauce.


The Katavothres Rest Area is home to one of the most significant natural phenomena on the island. Pretty water holes are found in the grounds of the venue and these water holes transport sea water under the island in an easterly direction, appearing 14days later at Melisanni Lake.
This stylish, chic venue will hold special appeal for those looking for something modern and different, but next to the sea.
Weather permitting, you and your party will sit outside to enjoy the summer nights and sea air. If the sea breeze is just a bit too strong, the glass partitions are closed, thus making a divide without obstructing the amazing views.
If you prefer though, you can all sit inside, in the trendy, glassed walled restaurant.
Your meal can be waiter-served or buffet-style; the choice is yours.


Tasia's taverna is one of the oldest restaurants in Fiskardo. Tassia Dendrinou has not only published her own recipe book - she now hosts a Greek national cookery program. She still has time to do a vast amount of cooking and has catered for some celebrity guests such as Tom Hanks. (26740 41205)


Vasso Restaurant is one of the more up market restaurants in Fiscardo and is situated next to the supermarket Archontiko in the harbour with seats right above the water. The restaurant specializes in international cuisine, Mediterranean specialties and fresh fish.


Spiaggia Taverna is set in one of the most beautiful locations in Greece, on the enchanting island of Kefalonia.
Customers can enjoy the pleasures of excellent Greek cuisine at this amazing open-air taverna situated virtually on the beach, where the atmosphere is casual and relaxed.
The taverna offers first-class fish and seafood caught daily by the local fishermen. The fruit and vegetables used are grown in the grounds of the taverna.
Visitors travel from all over Greece and abroad to visit Spyro and his restaurant. Spyros ensures that everybody feels welcome whilst enjoying the food and atmosphere of this unique taverna.
Spiaggia was recently featured in the film 'Homage To Kefalonia'.
The taverna is open every day from mid-morning until late.



Porto Heli is built around a picturesque natural harbor in the prefecture of Argolida, Peloponnese. This harbor is very safe and usually has enough space, if you have a boat to moor.

Porto Heli attracts many tourists every summer, thanks to its natural beauty, its facilities and the sight –seeing of the area. There are some interesting sites to visit near the harbor in the daytime and it is also possible to rent a mountain bike in order to explore the area.

There are motorbike and car rentals which can be useful if you want to explore the surroundings, such as the nearby town of Kranidi, still untouched by tourism.

In fact, Porto Heli is near many important places in Argolida, such as Ermioni, Epidauros, Nafplion and Mycenae.

This town has also some nice beaches, like Hinitsa, Costa, Ververoda and Maistraki. Some of them have umbrellas and fun activities, such as water skiing, windsurfing and sailing. In particular, a waterskiing competition takes place every summer in Ververoda Lake.

There is also a good variety of cafes, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. In some of them, bands and singers perform live and owners throw parties.

The lively waterfront of this city also offers lots of activities, such as book fairs, shadow puppet theatres, fun fairs for the kids and concerts in the summer.

People are kind and communication with them is easy, as in all Greece, even if you don’t speak Greek. Hand gestures have always been helpful.

Gift shops are found all over the town and the waterfront to buy souvenirs.

Porto Heli is also close to Peloponnese islands and frequent hydrofoils to Spetses and Hydra leave from its port.


Visitors on Porto Heli holidays can enjoy Greek cuisine at a variety of eating places. You can try snack bars and café for fresh sandwiches, pizzas and ice creams at Costa Self Service, French, Artigiano etc.

If you like French cuisine, head to Rota in Porto Heli.

If you wish to enjoy excellent Mediterranean cousine, you must dine at Papadias.

The neighbourhood pub or Kafeneon serves Greek dishes.

If you care to try out Meze snack of salted herring, boiled octopus or fried white bait, Ouzeri, is the place to be.

Do try the Alati kai Piperi and En-Plo while here.

Genuine Greek cuisine using fresh seafood and vegetables can be sampled at grill restaurants like Costa Rica, at Dolphins Taverna, Lepitsa etc.


There are a few bars on the cost of Porto-Heli, but the most styling are in Spetses.


The city with the most glorious history in the world, a city worshipped by gods and people, a magical city. The enchanting capital of Greece has always been a birthplace for civilization. It is the city where democracy was born and most of the wise men of ancient times. The most important civilization of ancient world flourished in Athens and relives through some of the world's most formidable edifices.

Who hasn't heard of the Acropolis of Athens? Photos and history of the most famous archaeological monument in Europe have made the world tour causing feelings of admiration by thousands of people. Acropolis is nominated to be one of the 7 wonders of modern world. In fact the trademark of Athens is one of the favorites. The Holy Rock of Acropolis dates back to the 5th BC, the famous Golden Age of Periklis. Athens met times of bloom and decline, but still shines under the Attic sky gazing the future. Still sparkling like the marbles of Parthenon and the limpid white of Pentelic marble.

Athens is situated in the prefecture of Attica and extends to the peninsula that reaches up to Central Greece. It is surrounded by mountains Ymmytos, Pendeli and Parnitha, northwards and eastwards, and the Saronic gulf southwards and westwards. The sun is shining over Athens all year round. The climate is one of the best in Europe, with mild winters and very hot summers, ideal for tourism. It is located just a few kilometers from the port of Piraeus, the central commercial port of the capital, and the shores of southern Attica.

Athens is constantly inhabited since Neolithic Age. The 5th century was the time of its ultimate bloom, when moral values and civilization surpassed city limits and became the mother land of western civilization. In the centuries that followed, many conquerors tried to take over Athens. In 1834 Athens was chosen to be the capital of the newly established Greek State. The city that now hosts more than 4,5 million people, was constructed around the Acropolis walls. Today it is the political, social, cultural, financial and commercial center of Greece. Cheap flights make it affordable and easy to reach Athens for vacation or business.

Athens is a city of different aspects. A walk around the famous historic triangle (Plaka, Thission, Psyri) the old neighborhoods, reveal the coexistence of different eras. Old mansions, well-preserved ones and other worn down by time. Luxurious department stores and small intimate shops, fancy restaurants and traditional taverns. All have their place in this city.

The heart of Athens beats in Syntagma Square. Where Parliament and most of the Ministries are. Monastiraki, Kolonaki and Lycabettus Hill attract thousands of visitors all year round. A few kilometers from the historic center in Faliro, Glyfada, Voula and Vouliagmeni, you can enjoy the sea breeze. Or you can head up north and enjoy the fresh air at the more classy neighborhoods of Marousi, Melissia, Vrilissia and of course Kifisia.

Athens and Attica in general have the most important archaeological monuments (Acropolis, Odeion of Herodes Atticus, Olymbion, Roman Market, Panathinaiko Stadium or Kallimarmaro, The Temple of Poseidon in Sounio, etc). In the capital you will admire many imposing neoclassic buildings, true ornaments of the city (The Greek Parliament, Athens Academy and University, etc). Don't miss visiting the museums hosting unique treasures of our cultural inheritance (Archaeological Museum, Military Museum, Byzantine Museum, etc).

Athens has always attracted peoples' attention. During the 2004 Olympic Games proved that, despite all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, she never - not once - lost the talent. The return of Olympic Games to their birthplace was a great success.

TThe capital is famous, more than any other European capital, for its nightlife. Athens by night totally changes. The options for entertainment satisfy all tastes. The famous "bouzoukia" are the leaders in the Athenian entertainment. While the numerous theaters all around Athens offer a different type of entertainment. Athens is a divine city. Let it enchant you...


According to a poet, Greece is made out of a boat, a vineyard and an olive tree. Therefore, it is no coincidence that Lefteris Lazarou makes up “poems” in the kitchen using ingredients like seafood, vines and olives. “Varoulko”, in its long course has introduced its regular customers - who are now friends - to all kinds of tastes and flavours, after listening carefully to their individual preferences.

Michelin Stars

Varoulko, that was launched 24 years ago, has been awarded a Michelin star, since 2002 for the creative Greek cuisine based mainly on products offered by the sea, a trademark of Greece

The Place

Varoulko, that was launched 24 years ago, has been awarded a Michelin star, since 2002 for the creative Greek cuisine based mainly on products offered by the sea, a trademark of Greece

Optional Menu


~ Caper leaves salad with cherry tomatoes from Santorini and carob honey dressing
~ Octopus salad with celeriac, beetroot and radish
~ Green salad with smoked eel lents and vinegar dressing
~ Courgette flowers with tampura shrimp, goat cheese and framboise

Main Courses

~ White grouper with wilds greens fricasse
~ White grouper with cherry tomatoes, sour apple and smoked mashed potatoes.
~ Sea bream with red bell sauce and ratatouille
~ Lobster with spaghetti
~ Catch of the Day (grouper, sea bream,Dentex)
~ Slice of fresh fish of the Day (grouper, sea bream,Dentex)


~ Yoghurt ice-cream with rose petal, Litchi pearls and strawberry drink


~ Caramelized white chocolate with vanilla, accompanied by caramelized sour cherry, cinnamon ice-cream and sour cherry sorbet.


~ Chocolate surprise, with caramelized nuts and praline ice cream

Gran Couva

~ Chocolate cigar with crispy pearls - cuttlefish sepia ash, accompanied by sparkling jasmine flavored mango juice

Degustation of Mignardise

~ You can enjoy a variety of mignardise


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