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Glamorous Mediterranean Experience - GMEDE aspires to create an unforgettable holidaymaking experience for you, the distinguished traveller, who knows exactly how to satisfy his needs. For that purpose, we have turned to providing Luxury Villas in Greece in respect of exclusive resorts selected to satisfy the most demanding customer in his choosing among private estates owned by prominent individuals and decorated in an elegant style of high aesthetics since some of our private villas are decorated with works of art and sophisticatedly-designed furniture.

A holiday organised by us is guaranteed to meet your personal needs and expectations. One of our major advantages is that we have formed a collection of the finest Greek luxury villas available in the Mediterranean Sea, offering you, thus, an enormous variety of destinations based on your personal preferences. One thing is certain: we will offer you a place where you can enjoy absolute privacy.

We co-operate closely with the owners of the estates, with whom we often meet to discuss ways in which their luxury villas may become even more enjoyable to our guests than they can imagine as well as that we are prepared to anticipate, face and solve -at almost no time at all- any issues that may arise in terms of a villa while our guests are there. The name of every villa as it appears on our site is likely to be differentiated in order to guarantee owners’ privacy.

Collaborating with luxury villas and estates in worldwide famous places, we provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the privileges of living in a peaceful heaven where you can enjoy quality leisure time. You can choose among the most luxury destinations you have ever imagined in the world.

Glamorous Mediterranean Experience - GMEDE invites you to discover what makes every one of our options unique and to find the perfect accommodation for your stay.

We will constantly be at your service throughout your stay. Upon your arrival, our professional concierge team will accompany you to your private villa and be put at your disposal to answer all your questions as well as to inform you about your desired services.

Our luxury villas are ideal for family vacations, corporate retreats, reunions or just an escape from daily routine.

Due to our company’s commitment to the privacy of our customers and collaborators alike, the private villas presented in our website, do not cover the entire range of estates available. If you take the time to complete and send us one of the inquiry forms available on our website, including all of your preferences, we will be happy to provide you with the estates that suit your needs.

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